Romantic Wine, Chocolate AND Superbowl?

Who doesn’t like Chocolate?  And isn’t Valentines Day the holiday made for chocolate? (Sorry Easter Bunny) Here in Lake Erie Wine Country, we try and pair romance and chocolate right before Valentines Day.  For the weekend of February 5 and 5 (I know, it is SuperBowl Weekend) the local wineries are doing a pairing of Wine and Chocolate in their annual tour. 

So how do you get around the SuperBowl thing?  Especially in a town not so far from the Steelers?  Easy…come up here on Friday ( wineries are ready for you from noon to 5pm), tour whatever wineries you missed on Saturday (10am – 5)  and then shoot home in time for the game.

There are some great pairings this year…Creole Shrimp and Pasta, Chocolate Hazelnut Soup, Spicy Chocolate name a few.

Check out the new website, .Lake Erie Wine Country  for the full menu.

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