Baking Adventures–Persimmons!

 I am always trying to find new and different things to serve for breakfast.  When I saw a bag of persimmons at the store…I couldn’t resist, even though I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with them!

 So home I went and started my research.  I found there are two different kinds of persimmons; the ones that I had purchased are to be served crunchy, just like the bag said.

Next I went online to look for recipes….after tasting one raw, I wasn’t sure…and I found two recipes that looked promising–Poached Persimmons and Broiled Persimmons.  So I experimented with the Poached Persimmons !

I (of course) didn’t follow the recipe exactly–I left them in larger pieces than recommended.  The color is so vibrant and beautiful!

Here they are simmering away in a mix of white wine, orange juice and ginger!  See that color!
And I left them a bit crunchy, then served them warm with a dollop of yogurt…there was nothing left on the plates!

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