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Cats Are Strange…

Everyone who knows me knows that I love my cats, Sweeney and Pirelli to death.  But they are strange.  Look very carefully at the picture above…Pirelli is happily eating his kibble…but, what else is in there?   Rubber Bands.

Rubber bands are his passion.   This winter has been long and cold, and because he prefers to spend 90% of his time outside…he has been BORED inside.  And driving Sweeney crazy.  Sweeney prefers life like this:

Usually on some of my dirty clothes (here, a sweater)..asleep for about 22 hours a day.

But Pirelli is BORED.   He doesn’t like the toys I buy him..but he LOVES rubber bands.  I know, I know, I should be concerned about him swallowing the things, but he does not.  He plays with them for hours…stretching them between his mouth and paws till they snap in his face..and OMG..the look on his face…(IT”S ALIVE!).   So I’ve been hiding them for him to find.

But apparently rubber bands get hungry and thirsty.  Because they all end up in his food and water.
Sweeney has no interest in this game.  But…the snow and ice is melting and now Pirelli has been able to start going out again, so watch out chipmunks!

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