Check Our Our Fall Decorations!

Greetings from the Grape Arbor! 

candles decorate the dining room mantel

Mantel in the dining room.

As the seasons change, so do our decorations.  So for one short month (September) away go the summer decorations of shells, sand and light houses and in come pumpkins, leaves, gourds and baskets.  The royal colors in our 1832 house seem made for fall colors, so we try to take advantage of it.

Vintage baskets with real and not real pumpkins adorn the dining room sideboard

Vintage baskets on the dining room sideboard

You won’t see the same decorations from year to year, as we do try to re-purpose things, and add one or two new each year.   So we carefully wrap and box everything from the previous season, store it (by season) in the basement, and bring up the items for the next season and lay them all out in the dining room.  Then we go room by room and select items, and try them out!  It’s always fun to remember when and where I have gotten certain things.  I spent one fall day five or six years ago with my step mother where she taught me how to gild the gourds and

Bowl of pumpkins and gourds gilded with copper and silver leaf.

Pumpkins and gourds gilded with real metal leaf.

pumpkins on the dining room table.

I will say one of my favorite fall decorations is an iron pumpkin made for me and given as a gift by my sister.  I have put orange lights in it, and never tire of looking at it!  Candles are also a big part of our decorating.  We don’t actually light a lot of them, for safety reasons, and have some of the realistic flickering LED lights for longer term lighting.

Altogether we have to decorate:

Crafted metal pumpkin with orange lights.

My favorite metal pumpkin.

two mantels (one in the dining room and one in the library),

sofa table in the parlor, along with the large marble coffee table

dining room tables and buffet chest

two hallway chests, and mirror shelf

and a large metal topiary in the dining room.

Fall decorating is pretty easy…three of us got it done in one afternoon.   These decorations will last until the end of September–then my vintage Halloween decorations come out!  Even more fun!

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