Inn Cats Star in Collectible Hand Painted Wine Glasses

Sweeney the black and white catSweeney and Pirelli, our resident Inn cats, have always thought that they should be featured more prominently in our advertising.  They are convinced that they are the primary reason why guests come and visit the inn.   It has nothing to do with our fabulous breakfasts, amazing wineries, and super comfortable rooms.

To appease them, local artist and school teacher Katie has joined forces with us to design and paint a series of wine glasses featuring both cats…in their best and cutest poses!   We started with Halloween–Sweeney is really the star there because of his mostly black coat, followed by Thanksgiving…turkey feathers (and not even in his mouth) and a pilgrim hat!  OMG!  They are so adorable. Each wineglass has BOTH cats, one on each side.  They are dated and signed.

If you love them as much as I do…you can own them!  Only $20 each! 

What do you think there will be for Christmas?  Keep tuned!

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