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In Search of the Perfect Wine with Oreos

We have had a lot of fun over the winter doing “Junk Food Tastings” with local wines.  Our guests have been surprised that wines can taste great with ordinary snack foods like popcorn and doritos!  So along that line, I started to ponder what OTHER snacking foods could be paired with our local wine…and I came up with two–Oreos and our own homemade (famous) chocolate chip cookies.

So off I went on this arduous task of finding a wine that tastes great with Oreos.  I know, a tough job.  The wineries that I visited were Johnson Estate Winery, 21 Brix, Liberty Winery, and Woodbury Vineyards.  There are many more to visit, but this was a great starting point, and the staff really seemed up to the challenge.

So think about Oreos for a minute…what is the profile?  Sweet, chocolate and creamy..and sweet.  The first pass for almost everyone was a dry red wine.  And boy, did that strike out!  Several phone calls were made to the owners and winemakers, and out came the sweeter wines.  It really seems a bit counter intuitive, doesn’t it?  But it was the sweeter








ones that seemed to work.

So here are the ones we like:

At Johnson Estates, it was their Ives Wine we liked, which is a cousin to our Concord.  It is a semisweet wine with a beautiful color, yet very mellow–sort of like a Lambrusco.

A surprising choice at 21 Brix–Raspberry Wine.  Theirs taste so fresh; probably because it’s local raspberries!

Woodbury Vineyards gave us another fun choice; their Zombie Red, which is another sweet red mix.  It tasted good, but we loved the bottle too!

Finally, we couldn’t choose between these two at Liberty Vineyards–Rufus Red or their White Chocolate.  I will say, the White Chocolate surprised me, because I am generally not a fan of chocolate wines or even just white chocolate.  But it was smooth and sweet, and really did match up!

So which to choose?   I ask you!   Tell us what you think you like, and we will have a tasting event with the three most popular!


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