Grape Arbor Bed and Breakfast

Updating the Outside–Part 2

front of grape arbor..plantlessWhen I left you, I was having second thoughts after seeing the entire front of the Inn de-nuded.   The Naked Inn, I thought.  I was waiting for hate mail about removing the gorgeous rhododendrons (they were in full bloom when taken out..ouch). When back rhodos were taken out…they found a nest of baby mourning doves.  The nest was only a pile of sticks, and there was nowhere to put it..if you put it on the ground, dastardly Pirelli would surely find them.  So kind Brett took them home and his ever patient wife Kitty, fed them by hand. The parents stayed for four days on the roof, and the swing looking and cooing for the babies…

The next blow was the arbor coming down.  back of grape arbor..plantlessThe namesake.  I came home from doing errands and it was….gone.  And the grape vine that had covered it was lying on the ground like a long crooked finger…

Brett suggested that perhaps we might not want to keep it, that there was almost 10 feet of gnarled vine before there was any green at all.  All I could think was…how can we call it sad grapevine on groundthe Grape Arbor if there aren’t any grapes?…and insisted that we save it.  I walked inside, sat down and stared at the wall for a while.  Then went back outside…and told him to take it out.   Good thing.  The roots were not in good shape.

Sigh.  The holes for the new design, that would have the arbor shape on both sides of the walk were deep (I almost thought I could hear a foreign language coming from down in the holes).  I insisted that he cover them big honking holesup, so guests (and Pirelli the cat) didn’t inadvertently fall in..although at one point I had to pull Pirelli away from them.

But then it got better.  The new arbor went up (and looked HUGE), and the pickets went on the other side.  The parking lot, which was already full of the plants dug up from the front that I insisted we save so I could plant…somewhere…now was invaded with all the plants that were going to be put into these spaces.  And then they left for the weekend…a very hot weekend, leaving me to keep them alive!  No rain…lots of watering.

first plants in!The planting started…first the trees.   I felt better when I saw robins in the service berry tree one day after planting..checking out the berries.  Then the bushes.  After the hydrangeas and the holly went in the front…the Grape Arbor didn’t look so naked any more.  Every day there was more and more in the ground and less and less in the parking lot.  And my heart began to sing, because it looked the way I had imagined it would look!

back of inn..almost finishedFinally, last Friday, the final touches–a few annuals to fill in some spaces, baskets outside the sunporch, and the really cool two-tier troughs that I found filled with flowers.  Seedless concord grapes were planted on one side, and blooming clematis on the other side.  A couple inches of mulch…and then it was all left for me to keep alive–like a newborn baby!

finished frontfinished flowers in back



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