Fun Thing to Do: Food Tours!

You love our breakfast here at Grape Arbor Bed and Breakfast, but what to do when you aren’t eating breakfast?  How about a food tour?  Erie Food Tours is a locally run business that gives you three choices to visit local restaurants, and get some history along the way.

Glasses of wine for the food tourThere are three to choose from, be prepared for a bit of a walk, and a couple of hours of fun.  There is one here in North East on Sundays (check their schedule for dates) that includes doughnuts, ice cream and wine–not all at the same time.  The remaining tours are in Erie, one of which has Thai, Mexican and pepperoni balls, and an Appetizer tour that has several appetizers and sample cocktails..that one is  on my list.

So start hungry and be prepared to learn some new things!



One thought on “Fun Thing to Do: Food Tours!

  1. Sounds like a lot of fun to do the food Tour, I need to check their schedule with mine and come stay at your B&B, Great Reviews about your fantastic place

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