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What’s Going On at Grape Arbor Bed and Breakfast–New Photography

Every year, here at Grape Arbor Bed and Breakfast  we make updates–new furniture, landscaping, painting–there is always something that we want to make better or more functional for guests.  What does fall behind are the pictures that you see on the website.  Yes, I take pictures on my phone that you will see in this blog, but for our website, we want everything to look perfect!

It’s harder than you might think to get a good picture of aRon Frank taking close up of waffles guest room, and it takes a special type of photographer.  I want the rooms to look their best–meaning, exactly the way they will look when you walk in the door.  But getting the lighting right is hard!   So after interviews with half a dozen photographers, some that specialize in photographing bed and breakfasts (did you even know there WAS such a specialty) we chose local Erie photographer Rob Frank  .He came highly recommended, and now we know why!

What goes into a photo shoot here?  Setting up the lighting, making sure all the “extraneous items” (such as trash cans, wires,remotes, etc) are out of sight.  We make sure the pillows are exactly right, and the bedspread is even, the Picture of Cabernet living room taken with my phone towels are even, and the blinds at precisely the right spot. We may add some of the “extras” that are guest favorites–like cheese plates, or chocolate covered strawberries, or flowers…but not so much that you might think that they come with every room!

So look up above…can you guess which picture I took with my phone, and which he took?

Two days later, we are done…almost, anyways.  We spend a few hours photographing food…five of our best loved breakfast items, because people ALWAYS want pictures of our food!

Closeup of apple crumb cake with forkAnd those of you who have visited us know that last year we made some pretty significant changes to our outside landscaping….but I wanted to wait a bit for it to grow in before we had pictures taken.  So we still have one more date…once the weather has warmed up and everything is green and lush, he will be back!

And where will all these pictures go…keep your eye out…a whole new website is about to be born!  Yes, we HAVE been busy here at Grape Arbor!

Come and check it out!

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