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Our Favorite Gifts for the Holidays

Peggy and April decorating the christmas tree.As the days tick ever closer to the holidays, are you struggling for great gift ideas to give to all those people on your list?  Every year, I vow that I will take it easy.  That I will pick and choose the events that I really want to attend.  And that I will not overindulge.  Or go crazy with decorating.

And here I am.  Two weeks to Christmas and in a baking and decorating frenzy.  Take a deep breath and let me give you some suggestions for some of my favorite gifts.  Look at this article .

The takeaway?   Give people what they like and what they ask for.  Sounds easy, but how many people will tell you what they want?  Not many.  One of my most successful gift giving years was one where I gave each person an experience.  What is that?  In one case it was tickets to a concert, in another a pass to a local ski center or gift cards to a movie theater.

A few weeks ago, I was at an event that was giving Fireplace with christmas decorations in libraryaway samples of Johnson Estates Ippocras Wine that was mixed with cider.  Yummy!  It led me down a rabbit hole of other local wineries with spiced wines meant to be served warm. I found (among others) Woodbury Vineyards Pumpkin Pie, Mazza Wines Victorian Holiday, Arrowhead’s Apple Spice Wine, Penn Shore’s Holiday Spice, just to name a few.

I don’t want to forget a personal favorite…except it isn’t available right now–21 Brix Cherry Wine  warmed with some mulling spices.  How to heat the wines? Really easy–just open the bottle and put on one of those little cup sparkling candleswarmers.  And, hint, hint–the wineries put many of their wines on sale the last week of December!

While you are sipping those lovely spiced wines?  There are some simple things that you can do that make both you and the people around you appreciate the season.  Of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t suggest a gift certificate to Grape Arbor –make sure you check out the special offer!

Please enjoy the season!  Smell the smells and laugh with the people you love!

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