What’s Going On at Grape Arbor Bed and Breakfast–New Photography

Every year, here at Grape Arbor Bed and Breakfast  we make updates–new furniture, landscaping, painting–there is always something that we want to make better or more functional for guests.  What does fall behind are the pictures that you see on … Continue reading

Decorating Between Seasons–Not Quite Spring

So how do you decorate for March when Easter is near the end of April?   There is still snow on the ground, and the temperatures are, well, a bit glacial.   Bunnies and chicks just doesn’t seem quite right.  Valentine’s hearts … Continue reading

Fun Thing to Do: Food Tours!

You love our breakfast here at Grape Arbor Bed and Breakfast, but what to do when you aren’t eating breakfast?  How about a food tour?  Erie Food Tours is a locally run business that gives you three choices to visit … Continue reading

The Joys of Dining Out in Summer

One of things I most look forward to when the warm weather finally shows up is eating outside.  I do like grilling and cooking outside, but if I go to a restaurant and have a choice of eating inside or … Continue reading