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Reboot: Pie in the Sky Restaurant Review


Exterior of Pie in the Sky Restaurant

Exterior of Pie in the Sky Restaurant

Don’t let the exterior fool you!   We went back to eat at Erie Restaurant Pie in the Sky after an absence of several years.   It was one of Grape Arbor Bed and Breakfast’s favorite spaces when we first arrived in town, but we have been lured to other, more recent additions to the restaurant scene.


It is hidden away on 8th street, with on street parking only.  Originally a breakfast and lunch spot, it is now only weekend dining.

Interior Pie in the Sky

Interior Pie in the Sky

The interior has a funky, artsy modern bistro feel.  As a warning–there is no liquor license, but they are more than happy to open and serve any bottle of wine that you might bring.

We ordered the appetizer special, which was a Bruschetta with artichokes, an olive spread and covered with cheese. I am not usually a fan of olives, but this added just the right salty bite.

The standard menu was familiar, and I remembered the lamb shanks from previous visits and ordered.  It arrived fit for Henry VIII–huge and fragrant with garlic, mashed potatoes and crunchy veggies.  The meat was super tender and flavorful, I couldn’t finish even half of it.

My companion ordered one of the night’s specials, which was a Mako shark cooked Piccata style–with capers and lemon butter sauce.  There was some discussion of the degree of done-ness of the fish, the waiter was quite accommodating.  When it arrived, it was quite a large gorgeous piece of fish, cooked perfectly, except for the thickest part (which was a bit undercooked for her taste).  Asparagus and potatoes rounded out the plate.

lamb shank

Lamb Shank

We ordered a salad, which was unremarkable, and had to ask for rolls (which we saw on other diner’s tables) which were also standard.


I was looking forward to dessert, which I had remembered as being my favorite part of the meal.  We were told they were all made in house.  My memory was of a wonderful rice pudding, which, unfortunately, was missing from the menu.  We settled on Creme Brulee and a Chocolate Mousse Cake.   We were disappointed with both.  The crispy sugar coating on the creme brulee was too generous, making it difficult to break into piece and eat.  The chocolate cake was super rich, and had a berry puree garnish.


mako shark

Mako Shark

Overall, we enjoyed our visit–the two items we ordered are not normally found on other restaurant menus in the city.  It was not a noisy place, and we could talk comfortably.


The Details:

Pie in the Sky

463 W. 8th St

Erie PA   16502

Phone:    (814) 459-8638




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