Fireworks Fun on the 4th of July

Some people say we have our own brand of fireworks every day–the gorgeous sunsets over Lake Erie!  But who would think that in our own little town, that there would be TWO fireworks exhibitions!  This year for the first time, … Continue reading

Harbor House in Harborcreek Scores Big on Variety

There is a new addition to the restaurant scene close to the Grape Arbor!  We have long enjoyed the food and atmosphere of the Tap House in downtown Erie, and now there is a sister restaurant, just a few minutes … Continue reading

My Cat is So Much Smarter Than Me

When does persistence change to stubbornness?  I ponder this as I watch Sweeney, my 18 year old cat, standing at the base of a dogwood tree staring up.  He is staring at a small squirrel, clinging to a top branch … Continue reading