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Making Homemade Bagels

What else do you do when the decorating is done?  For the past several years I have always wanted to try making my own bagels.  But I was afraid…I love bagels, lived in New York for a while, and so I have definite ideas about what a bagel should and should not taste like.  Texture, chewiness..all very important.  And I knew you had to boil them, because I remember seeing the pots in my favorite bagel place in Squirrel Hill (outside of Pittsburgh).

So, I finally took the plunge (sorry about that).  Paul, my trusty assistant made some bagels a month ago, and let me taste one.  And I had a real hankering ever since then.  I have always trusted the recipes at King Arthur I pulled up the recipe for Water Bagels and stepped into unchartered territory.

The dough was surprisingly easy!  I actually made it in my bread machine, then divided and formed it into those iconic shapes.  That was fun…you make it into a ball, stick your finger through it and twirl it around…I probably should have made a video!

Here is the dough rising:

 Then, you put the raised bagels into simmering water that has non diastatic malt powder and sugar in it:


You bake them, and this is how they look!

They were SOOOO yummy still warm, and really good even after!

Fear conquered!

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