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Creating Easter Dessert: Lemon Praline Torte

 Sometimes I just want to try and make something difficult…just to see if I can.  Last summer, while visiting the King Arthur store

(It’s in Vermont and has a WONDERFUL bakery) I bought this book “Extraordinary Cakes” by Karen Krasne.  It has the most beautiful cakes in it.  I attempted one at Christmas.  It tasted fine, but I hadn’t budgeted enough time, so it was still a bit frozen when we were ready to eat it.

So I was determined to get it right, and selected the Lemon Praline Torte.  This torte is no joke..when I was making up the store list..I totalled 2 dozen eggs, 4 1/2 C sugar and 3 1/4 C of butter…yowzah!  This time I read ALL the instructions carefully, and plotted out my time over a 3 day period.  Because this torte has the following layers:

Genoise Cake
Lemon Curd
Lemon Butter Cream
French Meringue
Crushed Hazelnut/Almond Praline

So, Day 1 I made the lemon curd and lemon simple syrup.
Day 2 I made the genoise…see below beating the 10 eggs!

Then, the meringue…which is the middle layer of the torte and gives it a crunchy chewy texture:

Then the lemon buttercream, which has an Italian meringue in it…and LOTS of butter:

And you put it all together to make this:

It is spectacular..all kinds of textures, sweet, tart, crunchy, chewy…worth all the work!

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