RIP Sweeney Fellini, Inn Cat Extraordinaire

Sweeney the Inn CatIt is with great sadness that I want to let you know of the passing of the Grape Arbor Bed and Breakfast’s longtime faithful friend Sweeney Fellini on Monday, June 4th.  He surpassed everyone’s expectations of longevity, being more than 20 years old (94 in human years).

Guests will remember him greeting them at their cars, and leading them to the back door.  His keen nose always knew when there was bacon for breakfast, or honeydew melon, his two favorites…and he could always souse out the guest who would slip him a small treat or two.

He was born in Texas, and road with me in the car as Sweeney on ventwe drove to Pennsylvania for the adventure of opening up the Inn.  He despised the winters, shaking his head vociferously when offered time outside when the temperature was below 35 degrees. He could always find the warmest spot to sleep.

In his youth, he was a prolific hunter, and worked hard to keep all neighboring felines out of his territory, with the exception of his one friend, Pirelli, whom he Sweeney on computerbefriended and is now disconsolate.  He remained a huge fan of catnip and shrimp to the end.

He is sorely missed.Sweeney

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