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ADVENTURE AND INTRIGUE! Fun things to do in Erie Wine Country

A New Posting by Liz, the Assistant Innkeeper….

Be sure to include the  Escape Game in your list of not to miss fun things to do in Erie! Do not underestimate the “captivating” fun to be had just a short drive from Grape Arbor Bed and Breakfast.

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My son and daughter in law visited me last week, driving all the way from New Jersey.   I was SO HAPPY to have them here!  They just loved Grape Arbor Bed and Breakfast.  We zoomed all around Erie Wine Country.

On Thursday eve we Ubered  to Erie for a night on the town. Then something very strange  happened…..The last thing we remembered is walking to our car  and enjoyable dinner together.  What could have happened?  How did we get here?

That is the premise for “Abducted”, one of the games at Escape Game Erie.   First we had to get blindfolds off.  We were handcuffed and chained to the wall of a room.  The room had several odd items in it.

Let me just give you a little background for this adventure…We were one tired Nana and two beer enthusiasts.  The beer enthusiasts had already been enthusiastic about Erie Local Craft Beer that afternoon and evening.  More on that in another post.

One of the first things our excellent Game Guide, Katie said on our arrival was this, “It’s always funny when a group shows up who thought it would be a good idea to have a few drinks first and then come here.”  Uh oh!

Also, we were in a playfully competitive spirit.  We overlooked the “you must work TOGETHER” cue.  That cost us several of fifty minutes right up front.  I was chained to a wall with my Daughter In Law.  The clues on our wall said to unlock my sons chain and vice versa.

The prisoners in the room before us had escaped. They left clues to tell us in a very roundabout way how to unlock the door.  We had to get through two rooms of cryptic written clues, magnets, black lights, strobe lights, locked safes and much more.  It was a blast, really!

To our credit, we managed to move forward on some of the very mystifying, clear as mud clues and information.  But some of the things that stumped us are hilarious in hind sight.

Three people frowning with maybe next time sign.

Katie said we would get three clues….we used seven.  Not kidding.  We did not get out in the fifty minutes. We did, however, have so much fun and found it so intriguing that we will definitely visit again and try another game.  I highly recommend this fun and interesting experience.  It would be great for families, friends and co workers.  The experience also proved to be great conversation fodder for the next several hours.  The kids were even still talking about it when they loaded up their car to head back to New Jersey the next morning.

Unless you have an extreme fear of confinement, check out Escape Game Erie yourself.  Enjoy your enigmatic experience!


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