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Innkeeper (and Cat) Update Grape Arbor Bed and Breakfast

It was about six months ago, in our newsletter,Tabby cat Pirelli lounging on bed that I let our readers know that Grape Arbor Bed and Breakfast was for sale.  And since then, as each one of you checks in or chats with me on the phone, you express concern.  So I will update you! Not only about me as Innkeeper, but about Pirelli, the fearless (former) Inn cat.

First and foremost, the Inn has not sold; as I mentioned then, these types of transactions take time.  I expect that it will take a while!   And in the meantime, many of you have met Liz, the assistant Innkeeper either in person or through the blogs that she has written.  Liz has moved into the apartment at the Inn where I lived in for 17 years.

I say “lived” because I have moved–I purchased a house a block away (exactly a three minute walk) and have moved myself, and Pirelli there.  He Innkeepers new househas adjusted to being away from the Inn (he was a stray and wandered in about 7 years ago) and is now king of the castle at his new digs.  I am still at the Inn just about every day, and working hard at making the Grape Arbor experience better every day!

And what else is new?  Pirelli has a kitty buddy, a stray from a local shelter.  He was classified as part Siamese..but I think he looksNew cat Emoji like a Lynx point Siamese–he has the blue eyes and vocalizations of Siamese for sure!  I named him Emoji–if you met him you would know why; he is a character, for sure!  There was an adjustment, but now everyone seems to be happy–much to my surprise Emoji actually found his way to the Inn a couple of times.  Yikes!  Crossing Rte. 20 is not safe!

And for all of you who have asked me questions head shot of Peggy, the Innkeeperabout my life prior to owning Grape Arbor–here is a link to an interview on a podcast that highlights Women in Business.  You may be surprised!


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