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Spooky and Scary–Is Grape Arbor a Haunted Inn?

Especially this time of year, I get “the question,” with a shrug of the shoulder and maybe a little giggle–is the Inn haunted?  And I am never sure how to answer.  If I say yes, would it scare people away, or would they think I am one of those weirdos.  Or, if I say no, would they be disappointed or unsure how to explain things that they have seen or heard.

So I ask, what do you think?  And the stories that I get include:

  •  we heard walking up and down the hallway
  •   the lights kept turning on (or off)
  •   things were moved
  •   I heard music
  •   I heard laughing
  •   I heard crying

What do I know?   A docent from the Historic Society was in the Chancellor bedroom and sure she saw an old man wearing a string tie.  My friend says that sounds like her grandfather, who owned the building for a number of years.

A former employee was sure that someone tried to push her down the stairs in the basement, and another saw someone who looked like a flapper.   Late at night, when I have been working in the kitchen, I hear music from a radio station that sounds like it isn’t tuned in right, so there is a lot of static; I go and look and find nothing.

They are old houses, with lots of history–almost 180 years old.   Have you ever noticed, if you stayed here, in the sun porch, where you eat breakfast, that there is a rectangular two people walking down the stairs through an open trapdooroutline in the rug in the middle of the room?  That is because underneath the rug is a trap door.  Open the trapdoor and there are steps leading down to a dirt floor area that is underneath the kitchen.   There are some shelves, and beams (that still have bark on them).  It is pretty creepy.  But the legend is…that it was a hiding place for the Underground Railroad.   All I can say is, shut that door with me down there, and there will be serious screaming!

Since it IS that time steps into the crawl spaceof year, BESIDES here at the Inn, here are a couple of other fun and haunted things to do:

Visit the Haunted History Tours at the Brewerie. Every year I swear I am going to do this, and when I call, it is sold out. This year, definitely.  The Brewerie is an old train station, and the tour is of the tunnels underneath the building.  Super fun and interesting!

Or for something a little bit more staged, try Eeriebyss Factory of Terror open on the weekends.  it is a 120 year old factory that has been done up to be scary!

Both of these options have been updated for the current pandemic requirements, but be sure to make reservations in advance…and wear a mask.  Option number three….open a bottle of wine in your room, and keep your eyes and ears open!

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